Gonfalon Design are based on the South Coast and specialise in print & illustration.

Your enterprise depends on the way that you present it. All of your collateral, from your business card to your website tells an instant story to your potential and existing clients. No matter what anyone says, Image Matters! only with extreme care and clever use use of images, style and words can you portray your company image in the best possible light.

Gonfalon Design makes you shine

Pictures that tell stories

Your image is part of the life blood of your enterprise. Whether it’s marketing collateral, technical information or internal communications, the way you communicate is central to the way your public perceives your value and accordingly makes its decisions regarding your business.

Gonfalon Design Limited is a full service graphic design and illustration company. We are here to help you communicate with your customers in the most effective way possible.

Gonfalon’s services include:

  • Graphic design for web and print
  • Illustration
  • Presentations
  • Concepts and ideas for all aspects of communication

Gonfalon and Sticklebacks team up to spread the word!

Gonfalon Design is now working with Sticklebacks Communications to provide a full service package for companies of all sizes. Stickleback’s Andy Sandford says  ‘We are looking forward to working together on a wide tranche of projects”. The two companies have worked together on projects in the past and are looking to expand their portfolio.


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